Fimap MMg Ride on Scrubber Dryer Machine

Surfaces (sq.m./ft²)                               4.500 / 5.100
Type of cleaning system                     Maintenance / Hard cleaning 
Working width (cm)                               75

Squeegee width (cm)                            90

Number of brushes                              2+1

Power supply                                         Battery (24 v)

Solution tank (lt)                                    110

Recovery tank (lt)                                 110

Dimensions (mm) (L*H*W)                 1595*1242*881

MMg is an advanced, technological scrubbing machine that makes cleaning intelligent, interactive and easy. The most innovative solitions are used to get the best results and benefits in small and medium areas. It is available as a scrubbing machine with a 75 cm working width, in both basic and Plus versions are equipped with the innovative technology iD-intelligent Drive. A side brush is available upon request, to improve results along walls and increase productivity by up to 15%



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