Santoemma Foamtec 30 Sanitation and Cleaning Machine

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Technicial Specifications
  • Areas of Use 5 - 300 m² in the field
  • Solution Tank 30 Lt
  • Recovery Tank 30 Lt
  • Suction Motor Power 1000 Watt
  • Pump Motor Power 180 Watt
  • Compressor Motor Power 350 Watt
  • Pump Pressure 28 Bar
  • Productivity Theoretical 200 m²/h
  • Power Supply 220 Volt
  • Cable Length 10 mt
  • Weight 74 Kg
  • Machine Dimensions 380*800*1050 mm
Product Description

The Foamtec system

Santoemma patented Foamtec system is able to clean and sanitize restrooms by spraying a compact foam, rinsing all surfaces and vacuuming the floor, using a single machine.

The compact foam of the Foamtec models allows a prolonged contact time of the chemical product on the surfaces, which makes this system effective even in very dirty areas.

Three different models have been developed, with different capacities and autonomies, in order to adapt to places of different sizes.


Detailed description,


Foamtec30 is the medium-size model in the range of machines working with Santoemma patented Foamtec system. Foamtec30 allows to completely clean and sanitize public restrooms by spraying a compact foam, rinsing and vacuuming.

The cleaning process is carried out through four stages:

  1. Spraying of foam on all the surfaces to be cleaned (walls, sanitary fixtures, showers and panes),
  2. Chemical action against dirt and bacteria,
  3. Rinsing with clean water,
  4. Vacuuming of residual water from floor.

The Foamtec models, equipped with a specific gun, are able to nebulize the sanitizing chemical in the form of a liquid solution in 100 micron particles. With the nebulization at 100 micron the particles deposit evenly on the surfaces wetting them slightly and after a few minutes the particles evaporate, leaving the surfaces dry. In this way the chemical is able to act for the necessary time to carry out its sanitizing action. This is the ideal solution to quickly sanitize all washable surfaces.

The Foamtec machines are able to nebulize a sanitizing chemical through a specific hand gun. This gun can spray a mix of air and very small liquid particles of liquid, with a diameter of only 50 micron. Their small size allows the particles to float in the air jet and to easily reach every point of the environment. By directing the jet properly, small environments can be saturated quickly and evenly. With 50 micron nebulization the particles leave very little moisture on the surfaces, leaving them only slightly moist for a few minutes.

Moreover, by adding a special Santoemma device, it is possible to deliver a sanitizing chemical in the form of 7 micron dry fog. The dry fog is delivered for a time sufficient to completely fill the rooms and then left to act for a few minutes in order to exercise its sanitizing action. This type of dry fog allows you to reach every point, without wetting the surfaces. The machine can be left inside the room to be treated. Alternatively, you can leave the machine out of the room, placing inside only the chemical tank.


Main Applications,

Foamtec30 can be used in many places:

  • Pubs, discotheques, motorways café 
  • Factories
  • Shopping centres, exhibition halls,
  • Cinemas, theatres, stadiums, arenas,
  • Nursing homes, hospitals,
  • Schools, universities,
  • City public WC, public showers, barracks, 
  • Airports, railways stations,
  • Sports centers, swimming pools, saunas, spa centers, campings,
  • Any other restroom open to public.


Advantages of Foamtec 30


Santoemma patented Foamtec system is the best solution to the problem of cleaning and sanitizing even very dirty restrooms, with several advantages on any other cleaning system:


  1. Better cleaning and sanitising result: foam does not immediately fall onto the floor, but stays on the surfaces where it has been sprayed for some minutes. The foam prolonged action assures to make the most of the cleaning effect of the product, ensuring both cleaning and sanitizing effect.
  2. Visual effect of foam: foam covers in white all the surfaces where it is sprayed such as walls, sinks, fixtures. The operator can therefore check that every corner has been covered, for a complete action in every point.
  3. The greatest hygienic safety for the worker, who does not come in contact with the surfaces and the objects to be cleaned and who does not get wet by the bouncing water, because rinsing is done with low pressure.
  4. Reduced labour for the worker: manual work is reduced to a minimum since the dirt is removed by the chemical action of foam and the mechanical action of rinsing.
  5. This system, more comfortable and hygienic, gives a greater fulfilment to the worker.
  6. Saving of time: while foam acts on the surfaces where it has already been sprayed, the worker is free to operate on other surfaces. Therefore, even a big room can be completely cleaned quickly and with no idle time.
  7. Detergent saving: the chemical is used without waste because it does not immediately fall onto the floor.
  8. Reduced power consumption: the machine requires little electrical power and therefore it can be used in any places.
  9. Reduced water consumption: Santoemma systems, rinsing with low pression, require a minimal quantity of water. This avoids the flood of rooms, allows a longer working autonomy and offers the immediate availability of the rooms that have been cleaned. 
  10. The machine can be used also in places with no drains because it can completely vacuum the water remaining on the floor after rinsing.


Other Tecnical Advantages of Foamtec 30


  • The machine has a contained size and it is easy to carry.
  • Filling with fresh water is done by connecting the machine directly to the tap. When completed, filling is stopped by a floater located in the water tank.
  • Dirty water is drained easily thanks to a sufficiently long hose.
  • The control/regulation panel is handy and the controls are simple and intuitive.
  • Switching from foaming to rinsing is very easy, rotating the proper levers situated on the control panel.
  • The tank containing pure detergent is placed in a special compartment and the detergent ia automatically sucked by the machine in the correct quantity.
  • All the accessories for cleaning and finishing are placed on the machine, so they can be easily used and carried.
  • Using optional tools, Foamtec30 can be used as an injection-extraction machine for carpet cleaning as well.
Usage areas
  • Building and Facility Management Firms
  • Buildings & Sites
  • Educational Institutions
  • Factories
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Municipalities & Government Agencies
  • Offices and Workplaces
  • Outdoor & Indoor Car Parks
  • Religious facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Shops & Markets
  • Show Halls
  • Transportation facilities
  • Warehouses
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