Fimap Gmg Cylindrical Pro Ride-On Scrubber Dryer ( Multifunctional )

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Technicial Specifications
  • Areas of Use 10.000 - 50000 m² in the field
  • Working Width 1300 mm
  • Squeegee Width 1350 mm
  • Solution Tank 300 Lt
  • Recovery Tank 350 Lt
  • Disc Brushes 2*1000 + 2*150 ( Side ) mm
  • Power Supply 36 Volt
  • Suction Motor Power 2*600 Watt
  • Brush Motor Power 2*1500 Watt
  • Weight 1.850 ( With Battery ) Kg
  • Forward Working Speed 9 km/h
  • Productivity Theoretical 13000 m²/h
  • Brush Rpm 625 / 75 ( Side ) Rpm
  • Brush Pressure 250 Kg
  • Sound Level 67 dB (A)
  • Traction Motor Power 2*3.300 Watt
  • Machine Dimensions 2310*1510*1250 mm
  • Included Accessories Brush, Battery, Charger
  • Debris hopper capacity 47,5 Lt
Product Description

Amazing in any challenge

GMG is a scrubbing machine designed to exceed your expectations in the most demanding industries.
The two versions of GMG – with disc brushes or cylindrical brushes – are available in Pro and Plus configurations, and can be equipped with additional accessories to meet your own specific needs.


Increase productivity, by cleaning with greater power and 30% faster than a conventional model of the same category
Increase productivity, by cleaning ramps with slopes up to 20% on duty at full load
Increase productivity, with the possibility to install batteries of different technologies, from lead acid batteries to advanced lithium-ion ones, which provide up to 10 hours of run time on a single charge
Reduce the time required for U-turns within logistics centres aisles, by changing direction in one smooth manoeuvre
Increase operator productivity, with enhanced control over tasks provided by the touchscreen display and the rear view camera
Increase operator productivity, providing up to 9 preset cleaning programs according to different applications
Save on operating costs, with the low maintenance required by brushless motors


Reduce operator training, with on-board video tutorials which show how to perform common operation and maintenance activities
Increase uptime, with easy and intuitive access to key features through the iD – Intelligent Drive system
Enhance control over cleaning results, with pre-set work programs and supervisor controls that ensure proper machine setting and use by the operator
Reduce service time and cost, with fully accessible design that enables easy and quick servicing


Reduce the use of resources, saving water, chemical and energy thanks to Fimap sustainable technologies
Reduce the environmental impact, with constant control of the CO produced
Reduce water use up to 66% with FLR – Fimap Long Range technology, that allows you to clean more sq.m with the same amount of resources
GMG can be provided in in Pro or Plus configuration, both of them can be customized to meet more specific needs thanks to the many accessories available.

It is designed for large environments where high cleaning performance and high productivity are required, such as large logistics centres, warehouses, parking lots, train stations, airports and shopping malls.

Disc brushes are the most versatile type of brush head, that can adapt to any type of environment and surface. The addition of a side brush improves results along the walls and even underneath shelving units. The scrubbing machine with disc brushes can be used on any hard floor, easily removing even stubborn dirt thanks to the adjustable pressure up to 300 kg. The FWF – Fimap Water Flow technology guarantees an even distribution of the water on both brushes, ensuring uniform cleaning and avoiding any wastage of water and detergent. The side splash guards help to keep the water in the brush area to prevent splashes and ensure excellent drying.

The cylindrical brush head consists of two counter-rotating cylindrical brushes that not only scrub but also make a light sweeping action. The sweeping action removes small, solid, non-adherent residue and collects it in a drawer installed at the rear of the brush head, which is removable for emptying. The addition of two side brushes improves results along the walls. This type of brush head is recommended for hard floors (even structured, uneven or non-slip). The bristles clean deep down, guaranteeing optimum results even where there are wide gaps. Given the high specific pressure and the notable rotation speed, it’s more suited to resistant floors not protected with a polymer film (wax). The counter-rotating movement keeps the detergent solution inside the scrubbing area, increasing efficacy yet ensuring low water consumption. The side splash guards help to keep the water in the brush area to prevent splashes and ensure excellent drying.

Panel with mini digital display showing the functions activated via the soft-touch buttons. Includes zone programs and the Eco Mode device.

Increase productivity
• by cleaning with greater power and 30% faster than a conventional model of the same category
• with the possibility to install batteries of different technologies, from lead acid batteries to advanced lithium-ion ones, which provide up to 10 hours of runtime on a single charge

The rear-wheel traction with 2 electronically controlled independent wheels provides GMG with the necessary power to easily overcome ramps of up to 20% on duty at full load. In a multistorey car park, GMG is therefore able to move easily from one level to another, guaranteeing high grip when climbing, reliability and maximum control when manoeuvring.

GMG’s brush pressure can be increased up to 250 kg, to easily remove even the adherent dirt, saving time.

The side brush makes it easy to clean along walls and allows to reach under shelves. It is equipped with vacuum system, a unique innovation not available in any other model in the market, which enhances drying performance even on bends, increasing productivity by up to 20%. It makes easier to clean along walls and allows to reach under shelves, so it is particularly useful in logistic centres and warehouses.

GMG can be equipped with the exclusive FLR – Fimap Long Range that filters the collected cleaning solution so that it can be used again. This increases the amount of resources available for the intervention and, as a consequence, the sq.m cleaned. Reusing the detergent solution reduces water and chemical consumption and eliminates the time required to empty and fill up the tanks. As a result, productivity can be increased by up to 70%.

The combination of rear-wheel traction and independent motor wheels allows a small turning radius, which remains within the machine diagonal of 2500 mm. As a result, the space required for manoeuvring is also minimal. The friction that is usually generated in reversing causes a significant consumption of energy, which negatively affects the working range. The action of the independent rear motor wheels together with the double front wheel of GMG considerably reduces the friction produced when steering. This avoids unnecessary energy dispersion, extends battery run time and increases productivity.

The power steering makes the steering wheel lighter, increases manoeuvrability and reduces the operator fatigue while driving.

With the touchscreen display you have access to information that is essential to make more efficient choices and enhance the professionalism of interventions, thus increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Display at any time:
1. information about the batteries, their condition and the recharges performed, both complete and opportune
2. telemetry to track the energy consumption of the functions 
3. report of usage time, sq.m. cleaned and liters of water used
4. remaining autonomy of batteries and tank, and projection of savings that can be achieved in Eco Mode

Motors without brushes bring several advantages:

More power,
which is entirely used avoiding the dispersion that is normally caused by the friction of the brushes

Greater durability over time, 
as they do not generate heat, there is no need for ventilation which can cause damaging seepages

Compact design,
they leave more space to the volume of the tanks, thus increasing the working autonomy

Greater control, 
which being electronic, and not electromechanical, automatically adjusts to the required performance, improving efficiency

No maintenance,
and extremely longer life cycle

Track the performance of your fleet easily, through your smartphone, with the My.Machine app. You can see where your machines are, if the cleaning task is being carried out as planned or if any unexpected event has occurred. Enter the profile of each scrubber dryer and check the list of servicing performed, the charger logs and anomalies occurred, in order to always be in full control of the situation and keep productivity high.

It shows on a map the machine.

It’s possible to know in what working mode the machine is operating and for how long. Moreover, it provides information about the duration of each intervention and the sq.m cleaned.

During the cleaning intervention, a projection of how many resources could be saved by activating Eco Mode is shown on the display. In this way the operator can evaluate, if the dirty conditions allow it, to switch to a cleaning configuration that reduces consumption.

The anti-collision system helps manoeuvring safely, warning when the machine is approaching an obstacle.

Usage areas
  • Building and Facility Management Firms
  • Buildings & Sites
  • Car dealerships and Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Factories
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Municipalities & Government Agencies
  • Offices and Workplaces
  • Outdoor & Indoor Car Parks
  • Religious facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Shops & Markets
  • Show Halls
  • Transportation facilities
  • Warehouses
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