Fimap Mr 75 Ride-On Scrubber Dryer

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Technicial Specifications
  • Areas of Use 3500 - 4500 m² in the field
  • Working Width 750 mm
  • Squeegee Width 990 mm
  • Solution Tank 110 Lt
  • Recovery Tank 125 Lt
  • Disc Brushes 2 Piece
  • Power Supply 24 Volt
  • Suction Motor Power 310 Watt
  • Brush Motor Power 2*450 Watt
  • Weight 345 ( With Battery ) Kg
  • Forward Working Speed 6 km/h
  • Productivity Theoretical 4500 m²/h
  • Brush Rpm 170 Rpm
  • Brush Pressure 30 Kg
  • Sound Level 70 dB (A)
  • Traction Motor Power 400 Watt
  • Machine Dimensions 1495*1320*770 mm
  • Included Accessories Brush, Battery, Charger
Product Description

Essential in the cost of cleaning

Mr is a ride-on scrubbing machine with automatic traction drive, battery-powered. There are versions with one disc brush with a working width of 61 cm, or two brushes with a working width of 65, 75, 85 or 100 cm. It’s equipped with all the Fimap technologies to save on resources and reduce consumption and waste, and is designed to provide maximum ease of use and avoid training costs.

Thanks to its specific characteristics, the smaller model – Mr60 B – falls within the segment of the big professional walk-behind scrubbing machines, while at the same time offering significant economic advantages (faster cleaning times and reduced labor). GUARANTEED SAVINGS OF UP TO 40%*.
The versions include the Mr70 S scrubbing-sweeping machine that can collect solid debris like cigarette butts or small screws in a practical debris hopper.

The Mr scrubbing machine is ideal for the maintenance cleaning of surfaces up to 6,500 sq.m. in factories, supermarkets, car parks, hospitals, nursing homes, airports and stations.

* Value assessed on the basis of specific intervention methods. The value will vary according to the operating conditions.


Disc brushes are the most versatile type of brush head, that can adapt to any type of environment and surface. The scrubbing machine with disc brushes can be used on any hard floor, easily removing even stubborn dirt thanks to the adjustable pressure. In models with one brush, the detergent solution emerges from the center of the brush, ensuring even cleaning with reduced water consumption. In models with two brushes on the other hand, it’s FWF – Fimap Water Flow technology that guarantees an even distribution of the water on both brushes, avoiding any waste of water and detergent.

The cylindrical brush head consists of two counter-rotating cylindrical brushes that not only scrub but also make a light sweeping action. The sweeping action removes small, solid, non-adherent residue and collects it in a drawer installed at the rear of the brush head, which is removable for emptying. This type of brush head is recommended for hard floors (even structured, uneven or non-slip). The bristles clean deep down, guaranteeing optimum results even where there are wide gaps. Given the high specific pressure and the notable rotation speed, it’s more suited to resistant floors not protected with a polymer film (wax). The counter-rotating movement keeps the detergent solution inside the scrubbing area, increasing efficacy yet ensuring low water consumption.

The Mr scrubbing machine is designed for maximum driving ease, making it within everyone’s reach. It’s ideal because it doesn’t need to be driven by a specialized operator.

The presence of the operator is not necessary while the clean water tank is being filled, thanks to the direct coupling of the FFF – Fimap Fast Fill – tube. When the tank is full, the water flow stops automatically.

It’s been calculated that for the maintenance cleaning of a 3,000 sq.m. worksite, with a daily intervention 5 days per week and 45 weeks per year (225 interventions per year), there’s a time saving of 40% compared with a walk-behind scrubbing machine.

In the event of accidental impact, the automatic swing-in of the brush head (Shock Proof) and the automatic squeegee uncoupling (Break-Away) minimize the costs of ownership and help prevent any possible breakage.

Used to separately adjust water and detergent flow. In this way, only the necessary quantity of water and the right percentage of detergent are used according to the type of dirt, avoiding waste or excessive quantities difficult to remove.

Usage areas
  • Building and Facility Management Firms
  • Buildings & Sites
  • Car dealerships and Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Factories
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Municipalities & Government Agencies
  • Offices and Workplaces
  • Outdoor & Indoor Car Parks
  • Religious facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Shops & Markets
  • Show Halls
  • Transportation facilities
  • Warehouses
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