Fımap IMX Scrubber Dryer ( Battery )

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Technicial Specifications
  • Areas of Use 500 - 3000 m² in the field
  • Working Width 510 mm
  • Squeegee Width 705 mm
  • Solution Tank 40 Lt
  • Recovery Tank 40 Lt
  • Disc Brushes 1 Piece
  • Power Supply 24 Volt
  • Suction Motor Power 410 Watt
  • Brush Motor Power 500 Watt
  • Weight 123 ( With Battery) Kg
  • Productivity Theoretical 1800 m²/h
  • Brush Rpm 140 Rpm
  • Brush Pressure 27 Kg
  • Included Accessories Brush, Battery, Charger
  • Machine Dimensions 1181*1030*591 mm
  • Forward Working Speed 3,5 km/h
  • Sound Level 63 dB (A)
Product Description

Quality takes shape

Created with the aim of offering high quality and versatility in terms of applications, the iMx scrubbing machine calls for a new way to understand the product, inside and out. The robust internal structure is made of aluminum, whereas the outside is a perfect combination of aesthetics, ergonomics and practicality. Each detail has been carefully designed to facilitate the user’s approach and make movements easier, whilst also making it even more robust and reliable.

It’s available in a battery-powered version with semi-automatic or automatic traction drive, with one single brush of 51 cm.

Ideal for cleaning schools, supermarkets, storage areas, showrooms, workshops, healthcare environments, sports centers and hotels.

Simple instrument panel with the essential functions only

The frame is completely made in aluminum to ensure resistance to impact and corrosion. It can therefore be used even in places such as swimming pools or dairies, offering high performance and productivity. The materials used help to raise the level of recyclability whilst maintaining excellent product reliability and quality.

The external structure of the iMx fully surrounds the frame and components, protecting them from damage due to accidental impact and thereby avoiding unnecessary repairing costs and extending the life cycle of the components themselves. From the driving position, the operator has full visibility of the working and maneuvering areas, and of the instrument panel containing the controls and digital display. There are just a few activation buttons, well-distributed and easily used without the need to look away from the work area.

The parts requiring daily maintenance are distinguished by their yellow color. At the end of the shift, all it takes is a quick glance to see where intervention is needed, thus ensuring that maintenance is carried out regularly without wasting time. This means top performance with every use.

The batteries guarantee a working autonomy level of up to 5 hours after just one recharge. You can make the most of this thanks also thanks to the large tank capacity and the consumption control systems that reduce stops and hence increase productivity.

The compact design of iMx ensures full visibility during maneuvers, when cleaning up along the wall, and wherever there are obstacles.

The large handle not only makes it easier for the operator to drive and move around obstacles, but is also fitted with a safety control that only activates the machine functions when the handle is gripped by the operator, deactivating them when it’s released.

Enter the FFM world via the My.Machine app and discover the advantages of being constantly connected!

FFM is a fleet management system which collects the data sent by every machine and transforms them into valuable information that you can see on your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the My.Machine app. You can check the position and health status of the machine at any time, along with the square meters cleaned and the consumption figures. In this way, the necessary evaluations can be made in order to offer customers the best, efficient service.

Eco Mode is a work configuration that reduces noise levels and resource consumption by up to 50%. It offers the best results with daily or frequent floor cleaning. The low noise level allows the iMx scrubbing machine to be used even during the opening hours of supermarkets or in sensitive environments such as hospitals and hotels, without disturbing the people around.

The splash guards trap any splashes of water, improving the cleaning results.

Usage areas
  • Building and Facility Management Firms
  • Buildings & Sites
  • Car dealerships and Services
  • Educational Institutions
  • Factories
  • Food Production Facilities
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Municipalities & Government Agencies
  • Offices and Workplaces
  • Outdoor & Indoor Car Parks
  • Religious facilities
  • Shopping malls
  • Shops & Markets
  • Show Halls
  • Transportation facilities
  • Warehouses
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